Our Inspiration

“We must learn to trust Human Nature and educate children in such a way that they can develop their Human Potential. This is the only way we can bring real peace to the world. There is only one problem and it is Human Development in its totality; once this is achieved in any unit – Child or Nation – everything else follows spontaneously and harmoniously.”

– Maria Montessori

We at zen are blessed to have the opportunity to be part of the team of a legendary icon who was mild mannered, very reticent in speech, unassuming, quiet and unobtrusive, almost anticlimatic, yet a owering personality who guided us and steered clear in all complex situations that came up during the course of establishment of this great institution. He believed that every problem has a solution in itself that one has to find out.

More than the story of a man who immersed in a specific pursuit relentlessly, it is also the saga of a sensitive person who was in constant search for himself attempting to engage in the world and to understand his place in it with a great spiritual motivation behind it.

Let us move the clock backwards to the time when his mere physical presence was enough to make this institution, a massive vitalized center of education with endless possibilities, offering new scopes and opportunities. The founder of the school, Shri Girish Vaidya, had the immense passion for education with an endless pursuit for attaining the goal he had set apart for himself. As a result of his relentless efforts and his vision, the school has emerged as a prominently placed and widely acknowledged educational institution in the state.

While laying the firm foundations of the school, he took meticulous care in introducing a culture of co-operation and engagement, as against the culture of subordination, with a system of organized management structure and the system was practically institutionalized in a manner which could withstand the test of time. He had an immense sense of receptivity, inviting suggestions and involving everyone with freedom to frankly discuss and advise without the fear of being taken for brazenness. There were times that seemed, on most occasions, very difficult and chaotic which he resolved quietly with a speaking success. He handed over to us an administrative set up with most capable and dedicated group of persons which would never succumb to narrow views and wrong policies.

He gave the school a sense of immortality and timelessness and his fond memories continue to be with us. We are proud to follow the path shown by him. We miss him every moment but his blessings remind us of his everlasting presence in our hearts.

– Dr. (Mrs.) Anubha Negi